About me

I’ve been involved in the digital economy and in tech for the last 10 years as a founder, consultant, investor and in the public sector.

I do consulting for startups. I’ve ran global acquisition campaigns, helped startups launch new countries, designed and implemented marketing strategies, set up user support, ran user research projects to find product market fit and unleash growth. I also built startups from scratch to make them ready for the first round of funding. I’ve worked for startups in the US, Europe and Asia.

While working for the French state, I was in charge of building their network of startup founders, investors and media partners in Asia. I also spent time redesigning the model for French Tech global startup community (« French Tech Communauté » : quelle opportunité pour l’État ?

In my spare time, I enjoy writing. I write about privacy, marketing and also send out a newsletter, periodically. I read fictions, essays, newsletters, magazines. I try to do yoga, meditation and surf whenever I can. I also travel a fair bit so I spend a lot of time hanging out at new venues and networking. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates of where I am and what I am working on.

I started my career as an investment analyst and also had a short career as a sailing instructor and skipper.