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We don’t care about personas Nov 3, 2019 Marketing I was working on defining positioning and messaging for a product. The team and I thought we needed to understand who our personas were in order to Replacing Facebook with newsletters May 20, 2019 Community & Marketing I replaced newsfeed with newsletters — including this one — and also many others tiny newsletters (i.e. some < than 15 people). I thought I was What’s a community for? Dec 13, 2018 Community & Marketing Saul Alinsky addressing a crowd, photographer unknown As part of my work for a global startup community, I got to think about what a community is Editorial on communities for Daphni’s newsletter Nov 13, 2018 Community & Marketing This comment was written for the newsletter of venture capital funds Daphni. Searches for the term “community manager” has grown fourfold over the How to put your expertise in a box and sell it Oct 13, 2018 Community & Marketing At RISE Conf in Hong Kong, Gary Vaynerchuk was asked: “How do you make a living off your passion?” The answer from the marketing mogul was « French Tech Communauté » : quelle opportunité pour l’État ? Apr 16, 2018 Community & Startup Ecosystem & Government & Marketing État des lieux et réflexions sur les perspectives d’évolution de la French Tech. A l’heure où les sociétés « tech », les startups et les How to build a community at 33,000 feet in 80 hours Jun 16, 2017 Community & Marketing A few weeks ago, I got on a A380 from Hong Kong to London with 31 other people: developers, designers, and other entrepreneurs. We did a hackathon