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Comments on Google’s blog post: “Building a more private web” or how Google wants to keep controlling the web Sep 24, 2019 Privacy Don’t Let Your Browser Suck Up All Your Data Apr 3, 2018 Privacy In the aftermath of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, now might be a good time to take care of the data that is being harvested thru your WhatsApp chose convenience over privacy, here’s how you can fix this Feb 19, 2017 Privacy A few weeks ago, The Guardian reported on a so-called WhatsApp “backdoor.” This brought a flurry of high profile security experts into the Op-ed in Belgian newspaper Knack Jan 17, 2017 Privacy Why I Told My Friends To Stop Using WhatsApp and Telegram Jan 9, 2017 Privacy Even with end-to-end encryption Big Brother is still in your phone: metadata 6 min read This morning I told my friends to stop using WhatsApp and